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Xiaomi Mi 3 to make a comeback this Diwali in India

Discussion in 'General Technology News and Discussion' started by coolk, Sep 26, 2014.

  1. coolk

    coolk New Member

    Xiaomi's International Vice President Hugo Barra said that now company is making provision to sell 100,000 Mi 3 smartphones a week in October, when India celebrates the festival of Diwali.

    Hugo Barra also added that, Xiaomi, which sells its phones exclusively through e-commerce website Flipkart.com, is selling about 60,000 phones a week.

    In India the company saw more than 100,000 people pre-register for a supply of 10,000 phones when it launched in July.

    Xiaomi’s Barra said the company was working with local companies and start-ups to build services for phones sold in India and the company was also exploring possibilities of eventually setting up a local manufacturing unit.

    So, it's a good news for those who missed a chance to buy the Mi 3 before the sale suspended.

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