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(Read First!) Welcome to the Fone Radar forums!

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Manish Patel, Sep 14, 2014.

  1. Manish Patel

    Manish Patel New Member Staff Member Team FR

    Welcome to Fone Radar’s forum, we’re glad to have you as part of our community! This section is specifically for greeting fellow forum members and is great place to share a bit about yourself, such as hobbies, interests, what phones/tablets you rock -- etc.

    Although our forum is still very new, our goal is to turn it into a major venue for socializing with other smartphone fans, as well as a place to give and seek Android, Apple ios, Windows and BlackBerry related advice.

    Looking for advice or simply good conversation? There are plenty of great topics here in the forum for specific phones and tablets, as well as many general categories related to apps, development and so much more.

    For those that are having trouble using the forum or have other questions and concerns, feel free to contact an Fone Radar Team member or our administrator for further help:
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  2. Emily Johnson

    Emily Johnson New Member

    Hi this is Emily and ready to talk about latest smartphones. I my self own Nexus 4 and love it too much. Also my next phone will be Nexus 6, when it will release.
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  3. rabiaanum

    rabiaanum Guest

    hello i am rabia kindly let me know what are the rules to participate in this community

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