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How to Enter Download Mode on LG G2

Discussion in 'LG G2' started by coolk, Apr 22, 2015.

  1. coolk

    coolk New Member

    Recently found how to install Android 5.0.2 Lollipop update on LG G2 but don't know how to enter download mode.

    The tutorial is awesome but if anyone here can help me to enter download mode on LG G2, that it will be fine.

    Waiting for your help from members.
  2. Manish Patel

    Manish Patel New Member Staff Member Team FR

    Hey, entering in download mode on LG G2 is very simple. Follow below steps...

    1. Your phone must be turned off before starting the steps from this guide.
    2. So, press power button and select "power off". After your phone completely off, follow next step.
    3. Then, press the volume up button on your LG G2.
    4. While you are holding the volume up button, plug in your phone's USB cable.
    5. Keep pressing the Volume up button until the download mode is being displayed.
    6. Now the phone will install some drivers and it should take around 10 minutes to complete; the best will be to let your device install the mentioned drivers.
    7. Also, when updating your LG G2 by using download mode, don't unplug the USB cable while the flashing process is running as you can end up in damaging or even in bricking your LG G2 device.
    8. Now, you can return to Android OS by pressing the power button; keep pressing power button until the LG logo appears and then you can safely unplug the USB cord.
    If need further help, ask in this thread.

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