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Get ready for iOS 8.1 update at 10.30PM in India tonight

Discussion in 'Apple iOS Discussion' started by Manish Patel, Oct 20, 2014.

  1. Manish Patel

    Manish Patel New Member Staff Member Team FR

    The latest iOS 8.1 update which Apple announced at iPad event last week is likely to rollout at 10.30PM in India tonight. The new updates not only bring back the popular Camera Roll but also bring a plethora of features including support for mobile payment option Apple Pay.

    The iOS 8.1 update includes support for Apple Pay, Instant Hotspot, SMS relay, and return of much requested Camera Roll.

    Apple Pay enables users to make online payments with hundreds of retailers with a tap on the Touch ID on select iPhones and iPads. It no longer requires users to take the credit card out of their pocket in order to pay for the bills. However, this feature won’t be functional in India for quite some time.

    Check your phone at 10.30PM tonight for the availability of the new update. May be due to huge traffic, it will show update little bit late. It should automatically show up in the Software updates section in the Settings tab, and you will only be required to accept the terms and enter your password before the phone downloads and installs the update.

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